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Should PV systems in Queens, NY suddenly show up at your door, you might well wonder if a mistake has been made, since you were expecting Wildcat Solar to come at about the same time.

PV stands for photovoltaic, and a photovoltaic panel and solar panel are one and the same. The latter term is just more familiar. Photovoltaics is a branch of engineering concerned with converting the energy of sunlight, which exists in the form of photons, into electricity, which we measure in volts, amps, and watts.

Whether you call them PV or solar, the panels we install are elegant in appearance, affordable, and efficient. They rely on sunlight, a sustainable source of energy. Sunlight does not pollute, it does not make noise, and it should be available for five to 10 billion more years, depending on which scientist you ask.

You will be pleased with what these panels can do for you in terms of providing clean energy, saving you money, and helping you do your part in going green.

If you do the math, you will find that a PV system will be a real money saver. There is an upfront cost, but you will be eligible for federal and state tax credits, which are real money savers, and we will do our part by helping you with the financing.

Call our office today, and let Wildcat Solar show you how to do away with those outrageous electric bills.

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