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Welcome to the world of solar energy. We at Wildcat Solar have more than seven years of experience in providing our friends, neighbors, and businesses in Queens, NY with solar power. Seven years may not seem like a long time, but when you consider the state of solar power usage in the United States seven years ago, the industry has made a lot of progress. Quite naturally, we have grown with the solar power industry, and we know which solar panel installation designs will serve you best.

Those of us who reside or do business in Queens, or one of the neighboring boroughs, rely on Con Edison for our electric power needs. It would be nice if Con Edison provided the cheapest electric power in the country, although that would make our business more of a challenge, but it does not. Our electrical rates are the third highest in the country, which for most of us is much too high.

We are here to make a difference. We enable you to make your own electricity. We can help you to significantly reduce your electrical bills and in some cases eliminate them entirely. Federal and state tax credits are often thrown in as a bonus when you go solar.

Why not set up an appointment with us to see how you can benefit by using solar energy? The consultation is free, and should you elect to go solar, we will be happy to arrange financing.

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